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Training and further education at JAB ANSTOETZ

Since the mid-1950s JAB ANSTOETZ has trained about 550 young professionals as specialists in wholesale and foreign trade. Furthermore the group trains industrial clerks, information technology clerks, warehouse logistics specialists, digital media designers, upholsterers, seamstresses and, in the Berghotel Astenkrone, hoteliers, restaurant specialists and chefs.

The training, which includes excursions to fairs and production plants, takes 2 to 2.5 years. Thanks to support given by internal courses, exam preparation and educational programmes, JAB ANSTOETZ trainees mostly achieve above-average results. The group has, for instance, trained the best regional information technology clerk of North Rhine-Westphalia and, in many cases, the trainees with the best results in wholesale and foreign trade exams at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Eastern Westphalia.

To date all trainees have remained with the company after completing their training; more than half are still active employees. Many participate in further eduction such as part-time bachelor and master studies which are financially supported by JAB ANSTOETZ. The various departments of the company offer training in telephoning, computer and language courses as well as sales or product seminars.

In February 2003 JAB ANSTOETZ was accredited by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Bielefeld as a certified and approved training centre.