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Mission statement

Successful business is determined by ideas, performance and target-oriented acting. Since 1946, anyone from JAB Anstoetz has therefore consistently been following a philosophy that determines our entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

The core of this philosophy is openness – in dealing with our business partners and in our internal cooperation. Because openness only can create the synergies necessary to increase the chances that our visions become reality. The confidence we have worked for and now enjoy from our worldwide business partners gives us the certainty that this way is the right one. With the support of our employees living our philosophy each day, we will also achieve a lot in the future.


Responsible behaviour in the company means not only living the values and demands framed in our mission statement, but also observing all legal and in-house regulations and standards. We have committed ourselves to this within the framework of the compliance policy of the JAB ANSTOETZ Group.

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