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General instructions

JAB Teppiche Heinz Anstoetz KG



Our velvet ranges are admired for their shading effects. Although in rare cases variations in colour will cause shading within the carpet, this is an optical effect which does not impair the quality of the product or its usage. These effects will not appear during the manufacture or laying of the carpet, but are linked to the environment in which the carpet is laid. With this in mind, we ask for your understanding that we will reject any complaints regarding shading from our customers.

Border carpets made of sisal, paper or wool loop

The border carpets made of sisal, paper or wool loop are products made of natural fibres which show all the typical characteristics. Certain characteristics, however, have to be tolerated. Especially the so-called “out-of-line loops“ when a border is sewn. When making the border of a carpet – as far as the technique is concerned – it cannot be avoided that the border jumps over to the next rib or loop. Due to the different thickness of the individual fibres it is impossible to work during the weaving as exactly as if wool or synthetic fibres were used. This is no fault! We would kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot guarantee that the chosen border give a straight impression along all four sides of the carpet.

Made-to-measure carpets

The finshed size of made-to-measure carpets can vary by up to 3%. For stone floors or parquet flooring, please observe the manufacturers‘ instructions, as certain sealings can react with the carpet‘s coating. The same applies for cleaning agents. Therefore we recommend using a suitable carpet underlay/support.

Special measurements

It is only possible to deliver special measurements in widths inferior to 250 cm up to a length of 10 m only. We will be happy to manufacture rugs that are longer than that for you.

Cutting of special shapes

We are pleased to cut special shapes according to your specifications (e.g.: circles, ellipses, polygons, etc.) The costs for this will be calculated according to the extra time needed and will be additionally charged to you. We will be happy to send you a quote.