Take a seat. Find your favourite spot.

Hardly anyone sits down on furniture and remains in that exact same pose. It takes a while until the preferred seating position can be found and there are also several markedly different “types“ of “sitters“. The “relaxed“ individual loves to cross their legs in a multiplicity of variations. The “upright“ individual, whose spine loves to be at an angle of 90 degrees. Or the “unconventional“ individual, whose shoulders find just the right support to allow them to switch comfortably between sitting and reclining for hours by sitting with their legs on their thighs, their pelvis displaced. All our furniture is not simply designed to fit a standardised template, rather is designed for real people to enable them to use all the degrees of freedom that they have. And with ipdesign furniture, they might just even discover some more of those degrees.

informal sitting

Legs bent or folded underneath, arms folded or half laid over your belly - when chatting with friends, everyone is going to want to lounge around on the sofa as they see fit. It's a great way to spend the evening. And ipdesign's well designed furniture proves that such an evening doesn't just have to be enjoyable, but also comfortable.

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sitting back

The relaxed way to sit. Unconventional, but a very comfortable reading position, for crime novels for example. ipdesign's design ensures that the only tension comes from the book and not the back, because support is provided for the spine in this position too.

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sitting upright

When you have something that needs to be discussed, you need concentration, want to be wide awake and not distracted. The conditions for discussions can be influenced in such a way by good seating that it does not just provide ideal conditions in terms of physical well-being for a pleasant dialogue. ipdesign has the furniture for this.

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Whether you love the first movement of the Brandenburg Concerto or enjoy a little jazz improvisation - music can be enjoyed at its best when you can let yourself sink into the sounds, tones and rhythms without your spine doing the same. ipdesign designs are ideal for this.

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Feel like such letting your hair down and unwinding? This everyday dream can be made a reality by stretching out and relaxing on ipdesign seating or reclining furniture that supports just the right spots, providing stress relief all by itself. But be on the safe side - don't forget to set your alarm clock!

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