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Know How

JAB ANSTOETZ has belonged to the trendsetters in the sophisticated world of interior design for 70 years. The company group uses its comprehensive knowledge regarding all aspects of textile living specifically for the development of products, which provide that extra level of comfort and feel-good factor in every ambience. The passionate textile experts gladly share the how and why with anyone wanting to bring a distinctive and homely flavour to the design of their surroundings. For this reason, connoisseurs of high quality furnishing fabrics and flooring are invited to take a good look behind the scenes...


An Exceptional Recipe

A collection of glass niche cladding gives connoisseurs of both cuisine and fabrics a taste of something new.


Enjoy unobstructed views, without feeling exposed – curtains create the ideal balance.

At least as beautiful as leather

For 15 years, the upholstery fabric JABANA has been transforming sofas and armchairs into refined seating objects.

Art on the edge

The felt affairs collection demonstrates that established traditions can also be given a modern interpretation.

Textile's starring roles

Curtains are genuine multi-talents: They serve as a privacy screen, and look gorgeous all the while.

Textile talents

Curtains make a beautiful frame for windows and ensure a pleasant room climate.

Textile sound

Textiles ensure pleasant acoustics not only at home, but also in the office.

Treading the boards

Flooring has a lasting impact on the atmosphere of a room.

Meteoric rise

Fabric panels give rooms a fresh appearance and protect against the sun's rays.

Made in Germany

Anyone who wants to do something well, leaves nothing to chance – curtain rods from one source.


Spot Challenge

The "Spot Challenge" was created in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy.

The fabric of fairy tales

An ancient palace, an enchanted princess, wild animals and a magical arrangement.

The art of metamorphosis

Searching for clues in the design centre.

The sewing studio

The competency of JAB ANSTOETZ is underscored by its own in-house sewing studio.

Do it Yourself

On the edge, but not marginal

Details matter. Turn cushions, throws and pillows into real eye-catchers.

Advent calendar

Diamond-shaped fabric compartments provide space for small tokens of affection and little gifts.