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Discover collections with upholstery fabrics by JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics.

Holiday flair for your home

GOMERA - The hallmark of the casual-classic upholstery fabrics is a wealth of colours with a pinch of exoticism.

Unobtrusive sophistication

SALONE - This upholstery collection combines multicoloured hues and handy yarns to create a look and feel that thrills time and time again.

Hightech recipe against stains

FIBREGUARD - The revolutionary Stain Free Technology protects upholstery fabrics reliably from stains.

The new naturalness

POLAR - The upholstery collection with a Nordic twist presents itself in a rustic and very on-trend hand-woven look.

Versatile sparring partner

BATTERY PARK - With a mix of coolness and simplicity the versatile upholstery collection cuts a fine figure in every situation.

Hand flatterer with Chanel appeal

LUNA - Spirited colours and an exciting material mix make the bouclé article an upholstery fabric of a special kind.

Fine English style with a new look

With its aesthetic upholstery qualities SOMERSET makes a beautiful contribution to the topical retro style.

Elegant impression

GASPARONE owes its charm to two perfectly coordinated colourways that lend the supple pile a vivid impression.

Recipe for sophisticated living

LA VILLA offers a mix of exceptional velvet articles that make a brilliant entrance.

Hardwearing eye catcher

The smart mini pattern of LORENZO gives the velvet theme a brilliant entrance.


LISERES & CLASSICS – The smart upholstery fabrics unite historical motifs and modern materials to create an excitingly new look.

Classics in a contemporary look

CORD - provides new impetus to a contemporary retro theme.


DENIM – Thanks to its uncomplicated character DENIM is the perfect choice for especially relaxed furnishing concepts.


OWEN – Self-conscious understatement is the hallmark of OWEN, which even provides flame retardant properties.

Elegance with a soft touch

LONGI – Its smart mini design makes the chenille upholstery fabric an exquisite eye catcher.

Velvety feel with a used look

EXCELLANCE - The dense Trevira CS velvet captivates with a charming vintage look.


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