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Lana Color

The colours of passion

Everybody has a favourite colour – a colour that inspires you and that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. With the new collection of handmade made-to-measure carpets in 187 brilliant colours and 4 qualities LANA COLOR stirs the emotion of carpet lovers with a high aesthetic demand. The colour palette ranges from natural off-white, to romantic rosé tones, to brilliant indigo, ruby-red and purest black. For every passion the matching unique work of art from pure New Zealand wool.

LANA COLOR draws its inspiration from nature. This applies to both the material – exclusively finest pure new wool from the grasslands of New Zealand – and the harmoniously coordinated colour spectrum. Autumnally glowing forests, lagoons, corals, the sand of the Sahara, Nordic moss and ferns, French chestnuts and Norwegian granite. You will meet all these colour landscapes on a stroll through the world of the LANA COLOR carpets. Perfect to set brilliant counterpoints, for instance with rust-red elegance in cool, urban surroundings, or to modestly round off your furnishing style. Either way the opulent quality and the brilliant colours of the made-to-measure carpets enrich the interior decoration and create an atmosphere of stylish comfort.

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SPOT is the carpet choice for you if you are a lover of luxurious carpets. The high-class, hand-tufted pure New Zealand wool creates a pleasantly natural atmosphere. The yarns of the Frisée are felted and twisted in an elaborate procedure. Alongside the exhilarant surfaces SPOT captivates with a wonderful brilliance in more than 80 colourways.


The high-pile variation is a fantastic example of modern cosiness. Anyone who has put their feet on this cuddly carpet will not want to leave it. Elegant and hardwearing, STYLE has what it takes to be a valuable companion for many years.


When twisted yarns are mixed with smooth ones, a completely new vividness and elegance emerges. MIX combines felted new wool with fine linen. Tone-on-tone colour combinations enchant with a subtle charm, while contrasting variations create an expressive play of colours. Either way Mix is a highlight in your home.


The benchmark for sophistication and exquisite taste. The look of the bouclé carpet from pure new wool takes up the great tradition of classic patterns from the fashion world. Enchantingly beautiful compositions that take their charm from the harmoniously coordinated colour palette make every single piece a unique work of art for the aesthete.

The secret of the brilliant colours

Thanks to the high, cool plains the pure New Zealand wool used for LANA COLOR carpets is not only especially soft, but also almost white and is thus perfect for achieving brilliant colours. Using the traditional felting process, the natural pure new wool is further processed to yarns of exquisite quality. Characteristic of the lustres is their particular vividness and colour brilliance.

Exclusively handmade unique works of art

No two LANA COLOR carpets are alike. As soon as a decision as to colour, quality and measurements has been taken, the twisted and felted Frisée yarns are dyed in a gentle process and hand-tufted made to measure. To get an impression of what they look like in reality, the JAB ANSTOETZ sample service can depict your dream design in its overall effect. From yarn samples to the production of original samples, everything is possible to plan your carpet down to the last detail and to achieve a clear picture of your dream carpet.

The natural origin of finest quality

Natural materials, natural new wool, traditional processing, gentle dyeing. All carpets have been tested for harmful substances and are suitable for people suffering from allergies. Lana Color, the perfect choice for carpet lovers who appreciate the combination of exclusive elegance and healthy comfort in their home.

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