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New Ways

Inspired by the special, timeless aesthetics of the Japanese culture, “NEW WAYS” unites with ease traditional and modern design influences: extraordinary prints, reminiscent of the much-valued, colourful ink paintings of the late 18th century contrast with minimalistic, room-high fabrics with a three-dimensional effect, inspired by the traditional art of paper folding. The textured upholstery fabric qualities developed in the Wabi Sabi style convey a warm flair. They portray the essential in terms of design and colour, they never lose their touch of poetry.

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Ultra Blue

Ultra Blue features the colour of the sky and the seas. The smart decoration and upholstery fabrics captivate with their brilliant blue tones, creating an atmosphere of freshness and wideness in every room. The stand out designs of this colour theme are aesthetic flower prints, which are accompanied by boldly textured woven qualities.

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Jade Green

Jade Green provides the perfect hues for a relaxed atmosphere. This palette presents the colour of Zen, which supports the harmony of body and soul, in a multitude of harmonious nuances. Supple velvets, which impart an especially decorative impression thanks to their fine lustre, are the monochrome pendant to the finely drawn decoration fabrics.

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White Sculpture

White Sculpture is the perfect choice for puristic rooms with that certain je ne sais quoi. The airy decoration and upholstery fabrics interpret the colour white in a surprisingly multifaceted fashion. Filigree designs and interesting looks provide beautiful accents, from a gossamer plissé to a vigorous grid structure.

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Wabi Sabi House

Wabi Sabi celebrates the Japanese concept of the beauty of the imperfect. The decoration and upholstery fabrics of this theme are deliberately reduced to the essential. With their restrained colours and minimalistic designs they create an atmosphere which unites naturalness and elegance harmoniously.

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