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As a stylish addition to our multifaceted textiles, a selection of individual sun protection solutions is available, including delicate plissé blinds and high-quality roller blinds. The versatile offer is completed by a range of elegant panels and curtain rods as well as elaborate tensioned systems.

Plissé blinds

Attractive sun protection solutions

Plissé blinds are ideal for use in all living spaces, bedrooms, and children's rooms as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do they protect against rays of sunlight, but they simultaneously serve as a privacy screen, so that your private life stays private. Special coatings such as PERLEX® or Teflon increase the reflectance quality of plissé blinds. Plissé blinds can be mounted virtually everywhere, even in unusually shaped windows.

DUETTE® – Decorative and functional

Plissé blinds from DUETTE® are incredibly functional thanks to their sophisticated structure. The decorative sun protection solutions block the sun's heat and reduce heat absorption at windows by as much as 78%. Moreover, the plissé blinds also reduce heat loss at windows by as much as 46%, resulting in energy savings of up to 51%. In addition, the room's ambient noise is diminished by sound-absorbing properties, which promotes exceptionally pleasant living conditions.

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Roller blinds

Comfortable sun protection and privacy screen

Even puristic architecture has a softer side and needs textiles. Thanks to their innovative and outstanding design, roller blinds are a real eye catcher in all living spaces, offices and particularly computer workstations. A functional and decorative design for the window that leaves nothing left to be desired.

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Modern, timeless and functional

Panels provide innovative privacy screening and sun protection for every room. This sophisticated and timeless technology is also ideal for use as room partitions. Due to the big variety of materials such as Japanese Madoca paper, Trevira CS fabrics, laser cut or burnout, panels adapt to every living situation.

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Curtain rods

Living with style

Curtain rods and matching finials, brackets and rings combine with JAB ANSTOETZ fabrics to form an aesthetically pleasing window ensemble. Likewise, inside rails in modern, contemporary designs are also striking additions to every living space. Sophisticated techniques and quality workmanship "Made in Germany" are the basis for a durable product.

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