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The secret of carpets of natural beauty

The carpets of Secrets have a very special source of inspiration: nature. This exclusive collection finds its own way to the heart of the numerous inherent secrets of nature, presenting four exciting designs that effectively capture the archaic power of particularly striking natural phenomena. The extraordinary carpet creations are produced exclusively from natural materials such as matt linen and brilliant viscose. Using these yarns true masters of the trade carefully weave exquisite carpets of truly unique character. A sensitively coordinated palette of 46 colourways from which you can choose your personal dream combination provides maximum individuality.

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Expressive reflections

Lake triggers spontaneous images of the play of light on ruffled water. The generous design visualises the change of light and dark in an amazingly realistic fashion. Thanks to the slightly iridescent effect of the design the viewing of the vivid surface is a fascinating experience to be enjoyed time and again.


Playful lightness

Air thrills with a wonderfully airy impression. Just like the air that it represents, this purist carpet changes its colour with the changing light. The secret of this fascinating effect lies in the clever combination of matt and brilliant fibres worked in a yarn with different heights.


Powerful movements

The sweeping design of Storm takes up the symbols of weather maps, featuring the changing wind directions and air-pressure movements. The dynamic lines are emphasised by pile sections of different heights that give the phenomenon "storm" a distinctive face.


Bold patterns

Wood depicts the theme from which it derives its name in particular detail. The archetype for the densely set pattern is tree bark with individual markings that are true works of art. The design is rendered especially expressive due to dark sections that resemble shadows and cause the dominant elements to emerge in a three-dimensional fashion.

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Available at your local interior decorator or designer!

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