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Red Thread

artful combination

With “CHARACTERS – The Red Thread Collection”, JAB ANSTOETZ presents a series of eight exceptional designs displaying the creative personality of Staffan Tollgård. Each of the hand-tufted creations is unique in its artful combination of patterns, colors and techniques. The materials equal the high quality of the design: only pure silk and pure new wool from New Zealand are employed for the production.

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a textural revelation

Scratched is a textural revelation. The myriad of imprints marking the surface form a new type of aesthetics altogether. The “scratched” layers reveal the fascinating composition that lies underneath: an artful mix of fine loop pile and skillfully cut-away sections.


an industrial revelation

Diamond interprets a very basic material in a surprising way. Knurled metal with its characteristic structure can be encountered throughout the world. It is not decorative or artful in itself. Yet when this usually machine-made pattern is painstakingly carved into wool, it reveals the essence of masterly rug making.


a volatile revelation

Beneath tells the story of the liquid core of our seemingly solid earth. The advanced techniques of JAB ANSTOETZ’s artisans allowe to translate the power of boiling lava into a very dramatic and fascinating carpet.


a dynamic revelation

Drop is the proof that just a few drops of water can transform a plain surface into a work of art. Subtle carving techniques bring that very process to life, mimicking the gentle dynamic change as the ripples spread out to the edges of the carpet.


a fundamental revelation

Surface explores the cracking of the earth and the transitory nature of materials when exposed to the elements. The slightly apocalyptic notion is softened by the warm, muted colors and the delicate loop pile that is exposed in the fissures of the rug.


a tarnished revelation

Dissolve tells a tale of transformation and describes the change of untreated metal over the time. With scientific sense and artistic sensibility, JAB ANSTOETZ has managed to depict the blurring colors of the rusting process..


an accidental revelation

Splash is about the interaction of color and texture – and the childish delight in playing with paint. The delicately carved edges make the surface tension of the drops tangible in the true sense of the word. The strength of the design’s simple message is underlined by the use of shimmering silk to work out the splatter.

Red Thread

a guiding revelation

Red Thread is a metaphor made real. Its pattern symbolizes the twists and turns of life’s journey and the encounters made along the way. The vibrant silk yarn works its way across the stage, alternating between gentle motion and dynamic effort.

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