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There is nothing like the comfort and cosiness of an exquisite carpet, as after all, we spend more than 90 per cent of our lifetime indoors. The ultra-fine finish of the Noblesse collection charms at every step again and again, while creating a calm and cosy atmosphere where you feel comfortable from the ground up.

Available from the ultra-softest and finest saxony right to the extravagant look of a long-pile carpet. 11 qualities and 180 colourways lend a stylish and unconventional flair to modern rooms. Look forward to hard-wearing flooring, which will offer you warmth, good looks and a unique walking comfort.

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Available at the interior designer and interior decorator in your vicinity!

The different qualities of this collection are available both as wall-to-wall carpet and as made-to-measure variation. Your selected interior designer or interior decorator will be happy to give you professional advice and to show you the versatile and variable possibilities to border your carpet.

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