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Carpets of natural beauty

NATURA wall-to-wall carpets help create a relaxing ambience. Restrained sand, stone, earth and aubergine tones in 79 colourways create a calm room atmosphere and sharpen the view for the essential.

Natural fibres provide balancing properties, which have a positive influence on the room climate. They absorb and release humidity. They absorb dust and fine particles and reduce the amount of allergens in the air. Like a natural air conditioning system NATURA carpets work day and night to make your home a great place to live.


Available at your local interior decorator or designer!



All items of this collection are available both as fitted carpet and as carpet with border. Exclusive materials such as leather, nubuck leather, Alcantara, cavalry cloth, chenille or cotton ribbons are available for the borders.

Fitted carpet

All qualities shown are also available as fitted carpet.


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