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Fascination of felt

Classic designs and techniques impressively demonstrated by the collection felt affairs experience a most artistic revival. The art of crocheting, for example, is given a new interpretation. Departing from the old-fashioned image of past decades, distinctive crochet edgings make a big entrance.

Fringes also receive an attractive update with felt affairs. In the style of classic carpet fringes, thick woolly threads of a soft merino yarn captivate and bring a casual sense of movement. New mélange tones join typical felt colours such as anthracite and green to apply charming colour accents. The repertoire of this collection is further extended by fine decorative stitches suitable for depicting even the most filigree of designs. But it is not only the traditional techniques that provide fantastic accents in felt affairs, new materials also create effective combinations. Premium class Kavallerietuch (cavalry cloth) of wool and stylish smooth and nubuck leather act as on-trend contrasts to the timelessly chic felt. Not least in the form of attractive piped edgings that impress with their pure, minimalist design. However, all the designs of this unique carpet collection have one thing in common: high class felt. Its special feel and carefully coordinated colour mélanges make the high-quality natural material of pure new wool one of the most versatile in interior decoration.

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Programme overview

craft | fringe

Fringes are on-trend again. Yarn from precious, soft merino wool ennobles fringe with a conspicuous edging – a sophisticated combination!

craft | stitch

The fine decorative stitch creates filigree accents and is the most subtle design in this collection. Sixteen appealing colourways display the design to its best advantage.

modular | cross

The module cross comprises individual 30 x 30 cm large felt tiles connected by fine smooth leather, nubuck leather or Kavallerietuch (cavalry cloth). The regular alternation of different structures and materials creates charming contrasts and effective accents.

modular | cross stitch

cross stitch – a double backstitch connects all the felt tiles with one another and renders the edges invisible. The seam, in sixteen possible colours, can be employed tone-on-tone or to create a contrast. Such a carpet can be used to ideally complement and underscore the overall impression of an interior decoration scheme.

modular | connect

Materials such as smooth leather, nubuck leather or fine Kavallerietuch (cavalry cloth) are used to lavishly join the felt tiles in the connect system. A particular highlight: the floor remains visible in the middle.

frame | cord

Framed by a narrow, elegant piped edging, frame cord embodies pure design. The versatile colour palette of fifteen options determines the style of the carpet and underscores the purist character of the wool felt.

frame | edge

With frame edge the high-class felt is framed by smooth leather, nubuck leather or fine cavalry cloth. The technique enables the seam to be completely hidden. Pure design is the focus of attention.

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