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The values we practice in our daily work lay the basis for our sustainable development, from which the company, society and the environment all benefit in equal measure. These values come to the fore in all our thinking and business activities.


We are self-confident, but never arrogant. Rather, we bring our strengths to bear with consideration and caution.


We are aware of the fact that we always need to be ready for change. Only if we advance and adapt we can continue to be successful.


We set ourselves the highest of standards. To reach and even exceed them is our incentive and challenge.


We keep our word – to our clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues.


Colleagues, customers and partners should enjoy working with us. We therefore take care to foster respectful behaviour in every relationship.


We attach great importance to a mutual, honest exchange of opinions. Everyone should and may know where we are coming from, what we stand for and where we are heading.


We are always interested in developing our skills further. For this reason we welcome new approaches and are inspired by new ideas and good examples.


We value the personal strengths of our employees and partners. This is why we consciously foster creative entrepreneurial freedom.


We remain loyal to our roots, which are in Bielefeld, Germany. At the same time we think and act internationally. For this reason we respect, value and care about other people and their cultures.


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