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Впечатления by JAB ANSTOETZ

Изысканые интерьеры от творческой команды JAB ANSTOETZ в полной мере демонстрируют очарование и разнообразие их мира. На следующих страницах мы хотели бы представить маленькую селекцию реализованных проектов. Бесспорно, ещё множество роскошнейших отелей расположенных во всём Мире; номера которых выполнены с помощью эксклюзивных тканей от JAB ANSTOETZ ждут Вашего посещения.


Stylish home away from home

Whether grand hotel or hideaway with boutique charm – the products from JAB ANSTOETZ are at home in the best hotels around the world. The exclusive furnishing fabrics, flooring and upholstered furniture from the company group turn rooms and suites into atmospheric spaces, in which guests can completely relax.



Dining in a stimulating ambience

There is more to the perfect restaurant experience than just choice food and drink. With indulgent qualities, exclusive designs and a colour palette rich in nuances, the textiles and carpets from JAB ANSTOETZ evoke a stimulating atmosphere that speaks to all the senses.



Inspiration instead of office routine

Innovative companies have known for some time that people work better when they are relaxed. Along with textiles and flooring for creative interior design, the JAB ANSTOETZ Group also offers elements such as acoustic panels, with which austere office spaces can be transformed into inspirational think tanks.



Feeling at home on the high seas

Just because someone wants to conquer the water world, doesn't mean they have to forgo a stylish ambience. Indeed, due to their rugged properties, the outdoor fabrics from the JAB ANSTOETZ Group are exceptionally suited to furnishing yachts. With the vast array of exquisite designs, it goes without saying that aesthetics should in no way be neglected.



Custom-made dream furnishings

Sometimes it just has to be something very special. Anyone who desires a replica of an historic model or would like to implement their own ideas has come to the right place at JAB ANSTOETZ. The on-site design studio and JAB ANSTOETZ handmade artisanal manufacturing can make every interior design dream come true.



Critical acclaim for outstanding designs

The products and services of the JAB ANSTOETZ Group are honoured with prestigious awards with an uncanny regularity. The extraordinary designs, select materials and the particularly high quality of the processing of the designs continually set new standards in the world of innovative interior design.



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