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JAB ANSTOETZ Systems Collections

Roller blind systems

Roller Blinds

This uncomplicated privacy screen and sun protection can simply be rolled up as needed.

Twin blinds

Due to the double fabric layers, this type of roller blind opens up fascinating design possibilities.

Roman blinds

The ready-to-use systems are a wonderfully uncomplicated solution for efficient privacy screening.

Plissé blinds

Plain-Colored plissé blinds

Plissé blinds in solid colours form an especially airy sun protection, which only covers a portion of the window.

Patterned plissé blinds

Plissé blinds in select designs create attractive accents on windows and thus underscore the individual look of the room.

Blackout plissé blinds

Plissé blinds made from light-absorbing materials provide reliable darkening even in difficult room situations.


Plain-colored panels

Sliding plain-coloured panels provide dependable privacy screening and sun protection for large windows and are discreet, yet stylish.

Patterned panels

Since designs are shown to best advantage on flat surfaces, the ceiling-high sliding elements are perfect for showcasing spectacular designs.

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods

Beautifully shaped curtain rods made of high-quality materials put the finishing touch on window decorations.

Inside rail profiles

Due to their concealed rails, these inside rail profiles deserve kudos for a particularly elegant and coherent look.

Thin rods

With their minimalist design, thin rods allow the curtain to be the star of the show on the window.