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With their sophisticated designs and unparalleled product variety, JAB ANSTOETZ FABRICS counts among the international market leaders in the upmarket world of interior design. At the heart of the diverse product range are decoration fabrics, upholstery fabrics and curtain voiles in almost 20,000 colours, which offer a wealth of combination possibilities. As a stylish addition to our multifaceted textiles, we also offer a selection of carefully coordinated wallpapers.


Exceptionally versatile interior design

A fresh maritime look or soft pastels, straightforward and puristic or playfully romantic – decoration fabrics from JAB ANSTOETZ FABRICS lend every room its own unique character. With this delightfully uncomplicated design element it is easy to give a room a makeover in the twinkling of an eye: Replace the simple curtain with an elaborate window treatment, add a new bedspread and matching pillows, and the room takes on a completely new look and feel.

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Hard-wearing dresses for furniture

To ensure that newly upholstered furniture retains its beauty for a long time to come, one should be very discriminating when choosing the upholstery fabric. JAB ANSTOETZ FABRICS are not only remarkably lightfast and abrasion resistant, but they are also extremely easy to clean. In addition, the Trevira CS upholstery fabrics also possess flame-retardant properties.

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Airy privacy screen and light filter

Whether exquisite organza or informal gauze, a subtle semi-transparent fabric or an exclusive burn-out, reduced textures or imaginatively patterned – curtain voiles from JAB ANSTOETZ FABRICS elegantly shield from inquisitive glances into your home. Due to their fine weave, the blinds also filter the incoming rays of sunlight, thus creating a beautiful atmosphere in the room.

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Expressive wall coverings

Whether made of classic paper, user-friendly vinyl or an exclusive textile or metal – the selected wallpapers from JAB ANSTOETZ FABRICS put the final touch on the interior design. The decorative wall coverings have a particularly harmonious effect when they are coordinated with the patterns of the decoration and upholstery fabrics.

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