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Upholstery Fabrics

Hard-wearing dresses for furniture

To ensure that newly upholstered furniture retains its beauty for a long time to come, one should be very discriminating when choosing the upholstery fabric. JAB ANSTOETZ FABRICS are not only remarkably lightfast and abrasion resistant, but they are also extremely easy to clean. In addition, the Trevira CS upholstery fabrics also possess flame-retardant properties.

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A new look for your favourite furniture

You don’t need to give up your favourite furniture! Instead, give it a dazzling new look with new upholstery fabrics from JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics. The extensive portfolio includes an impressive choice of cover fabrics in many different colours and patterns ranging from ornamental highlights to modern stripes or plain furnishing fabrics. Choose your new favourite from over 8,000 upholstery fabrics.

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Upholstery needs to be hardwearing

The resilience of an upholstery fabric is shown in number of rubs, which indicate how the fabric reacts to abrasion. This is assessed using the standard Martindale test and indicates how durable a fabric is: the higher the value, the more long-lived the furnishing fabric. As a guideline, 15,000 rubs are recommended for general domestic use.

Stain release

In case something gets spilt

It doesn’t matter what ends up on your sofa or favourite piece of furniture - the portfolio from JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics includes a large choice of upholstery fabrics with a stain release finish. The special production of these furnishing fabrics ensures that dirt cannot penetrate the fibres, making the fabric is easier to clean. If a stain proves to be particularly stubborn then the nearby decorator or interior designer can help with the cleaning process.

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