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Home is a very special place. Our optimally coordinated furniture programmes provide comfortable surroundings for all those little and big events. Be inspired by simply clicking on our brochures and leafing through the pages, or by downloading and printing.


Good ideas deserve to be given some extra thought. Especially when the result of deliberations is two planning programmes that captivate with their streamlined and exceptionally elegant look – CUBE LOUNGE and CUBE AIR.

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Cosiness can be so aesthetic. Our upholstered furniture sets new standards of attractiveness and wins you over with its inner values. With its built-in guarantee of well-being, it invites you to relax and come together with others.

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JAB Furniture Magazine

JAB Furniture – „Handmade in Germany“ sells a versatile and fascinating range of first-class upholstered furniture products. JAB Furniture comes to life utilising the most modern manufacturing processes and qualified hand craft, with the production site located exclusively in Bielefeld, Germany.

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Its minimalist design lends Fat Tony a certain simplicity, yet on closer inspection this itself turns out to be an understatement. That is because what is inside the three cubic modules is something quite out of the ordinary. It’s where high-end comfort meets timelessly modern design.

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Carpets with Passion

Sometimes it’s also worth looking down. That ’s because with the new, exclusive carpet range from the Bielefelder Werkstätten you can spread a pleasant ambience throughout your living space and enhance your surroundings in sophisticated style. Each carpet is like a little work of art, made individually by hand for you using quality viscose. Over the following pages, discover four appealing collections in five colour combinations or choose your favourite combination from a total of 24 colours and specify the size in line with your requirements. In short, you can look forward to new, stunning options for the largest design space in your home – the floor.

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The name INSPIRATION says it all. The upholstery line’s refreshing concept offers design enthusiasts a multifaceted range of countless ideas for being creative. The elegant modules provide even greater creative scope, as they can be combined anew time and again.

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