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Collection Autumn/Winter 2017

When the colours of nature fade and the sunshine is dwindling away, it‘s time to make your home a cosy place. The brand-new autumn/winter collection from JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics provides the perfect palette to give your personal surroundings a refreshingly new touch. With their harmoniously coordinated designs and colours the appealing decoration and upholstery fabrics will make you forget the bleak prospects in front of your door at least for a while.

Hightech recipe against stains

FIBREGUARD - The revolutionary Stain Free Technology protects upholstery fabrics reliably from stains.

The Arabian Nights

LARACHE – With its exotic mix of most different craftsmanships the decoration fabric really provides an exceptional look.


LISERES & CLASSICS – The smart upholstery fabrics unite historical motifs and modern materials to create an excitingly new look.

Mexico feeling for your home

MERIDA – Reminiscent of Aztec designs, the upholstery fabrics reveal a new facet of the topical ethno look.

Natural understatement

SAM – As an inconspicuous yet characterful semi-plain the casual upholstery fabric provides a relaxed atmosphere.

The new dimension of soft

DONOVAN – The upholstery fabric for all-purpose use scores with a very appealing mix of softness and wear resistance.

Characterful with extras

SIGNATURE – Elegant yet suitable for daily use, this collection is perfect for prestigious interiors.

Sophistication of a special kind

ELEGANZA – Tasteful designs featuring elegant matt/gloss contrasts transform simple sofas into real gems.


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