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Our designers come from a range of cultural areas. Each has their own repertoire of shapes, patterns and colours which they use for inspiration, creativity and finally the composition of their works.


Carsten Gollnick

Carsten Gollnick's artistic intention is the creation of relevant and timely objects of culture.

Peter Maly

Characteristic of Maly's work is his love of geometric shapes and his pursuit of clarity.


Carsten Gollnick

Carsten Gollnick's designs uncover the mysteries hidden inside the material and in its processing.

Christian Werner

Christian Werner's style thrives on clear lines and accents without superficial effects.

Creative Matters

Ethereal creations for floors and walls are the artistic playing field of Creative Matters.

Konstantin Grcic

The signature feature of this uncommon German designer is his artistically experimental edge.

Richard Anuszkiewicz

The minimalist works from Richard Anuszkiewicz create the illusion of movement.

Studio Vertijet

Studio Vertijet looks for shapes whose force of expression captures the essence of a subject.

Triga Design

Putting ideas down on paper manually is an essential part of the creative process for Triga Design.

Staffan Tollgard

The Scandinavian concept 'red thread' has played a central role for Staffan Tollgård for over ten years.


Andreas Weber

The shape of Andreas Weber's conceptual designs is emphatically linear and striking.

Annette Lang

Annette Lang's design process is a search for the new, the innovative, the futuristic.

Assmann & Kleene

The goal for Assmann & Kleene was and still is the conceptual development of modern furniture.

Bernd Münzebrock

The best workmanship and quality puts the soul in the designs by Bernd Münzebrock.

Carsten Gollnick

Carsten Gollnick's ideas come from surrendering to the materials and from enthusiasm for cultures.

Cynthia Starnes

Cynthia Starner's designed products are meant to inspire and create a connection to the owner.

Georg Appeltshauser

Georg Appeltshauser creates functional furniture that allows maximum flexibility for the owner.


Every project from GRAFT harbours something down-to-earth as well as something extraneous.

Joachim Nees

The oft-used quote 'form follows function' is still Joachim Nees' credo today.


Atmosphere is the playground of JOI-Design, who always finds surprising answers.

Markus Hartmann

Markus Hartmann attempts to achieve freedom of movement and comfort with increased functionality.

Prof. Stefan Heiliger

Reflecting on the act of sitting has become the focus of Prof. Stefan Heiliger's thoughts.

Schnabel, Schneider

"Ponder it, think outside the box, inspire" is the credo of Schnabel, Schneider Industrial Design.

Markus Kerker

The most important aspects for him are the sensual components of the design and the attention to detail at every stage of the process.