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Interior furnishings are our passion

For customers around the world, the name JAB ANSTOETZ stands for visionary design and top quality textile creations that set new trends time and again. Not only does our range of precisely coordinated furnishing textiles encompass a vast palette of exquisite decorative and upholstery fabrics, but also roller blinds, plissé blinds and panels for convenient sun shading. As a stylish counterpart to the fabric portfolio, we offer fitted carpets as well as designer flooring and rugs in the highest quality grades. The coherent range is completed by carefully handcrafted upholstery furniture and a small but refined collection of curtain rods and wallpapers. We hope you enjoy browsing!

Vorhänge & Gardinen konfigurieren

Dezentes Schilfmotiv

Konfigurieren Sie die lichtdurchlässige Gardine Mapimi & Nevia ab 102 € mit fein nuanciertem Dessin.

Blüten aus Satin

Konfigurieren Sie den bestickten Vorhang Alves ab 554 € mit floralem Muster.

Dekorativer Ausbrenner

Konfigurieren Sie das Gardinenduo Jamelia & Jolain ab 192 € mit raffiniertem Muster.


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