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Expressive wallcoverings

Whether made of classic paper, user-friendly vinyl or an exclusive textile or metal – the selected wallpapers from JAB ANSTOETZ FABRICS put the final touch on the interior design. The decorative wall coverings have a particularly harmonious effect when they are coordinated with the patterns of the decoration and upholstery fabrics.

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Vinyl wallcoverings

Extreme versatility

Vinyl wallcoverings consist of a mixture of different paper and non-woven materials and are thus characterised by a hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant surface. These surfaces can be very easily wiped clean. The vinyl wallcoverings are available in a large range of patterns and colours, allowing you to transform your house into an individual oasis of well-being.

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Non-woven wallcoverings

Easy to hang

The non-woven wallcoverings from JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics represent the easiest way to beautify your living spaces. These wallcoverings are the quickest to hang thanks to the fact that the non-woven fibres do not require soaking. The non-woven wallcoverings from JAB ANSTOETZ consist of cellulose and polyester fibres and are free of PVC and solvents. The wallcoverings can bridge small cracks and are very lightfast, ensuring that they still look good after years on the wall. Discover the diverse range of breathable non-woven wallcoverings and discuss our wallpapers with a nearby decorator.

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