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Creative Matters

Contemporary art in rug form

Ethereal creations for floors and walls are the artistic playing field of Creative Matters. The Canadian design studio is led by the passionate textile designer Carol Sebert, who has surrounded herself with a team of talented designers and skilled artisans. With sophisticated techniques and hand-picked materials, Creative Matters designs extraordinary aesthetic rugs and wall hangings, which are produced exclusively in smaller numbers. The rug Patina was designed for the Characters Collection from JAB ANSTOETZ Flooring and impresses with its appealing vintage look.

Products by Creative Matters

Abstract designs

CHARACTERS STRUCTURES - fragments and lines are grouped into multilayer textures and patches of colour.

Creative treasures

CHARACTERS ARTISTS - the creations are works of art in textile form that turn the rug into a canvas.

Natural beauties

CHARACTERS BOTANICS - blossoms, leaves and delicate branches breathe life into the rug.