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JAB ANSTOETZ Flooring - Collections


Uncomplicated luxury

NOBLESSE - qualities from classic cut pile carpet to trendy mini shag turn every room into a truly pampering experience for the feet.

A true all-rounder

SELECT - the matching wall-to-wall carpet for every taste and every furnishing style.


WOOLS – Questi tappeti si contraddistinguono per la loro speciale morbidezza.

Rugs with sophisticated gloss

COCO - wall-to-wall carpets and rugs with sophisticated gloss and in an appealing spectrum of colours.


COSY - silky lustrous rugs in modern shag qualities.


Per sempre amici della natura

NATURA - Le eleganti strutture sottolineano il carattere di ciascuna varietà.

Casual elegance

FAME - With its supple pile and its fine lustre this hardwearing velvet is a true highlight in every room.

Eleganza ultramorbida

TWINKLE – La meravigliosa moquette a pelo lungo tagliata a vivo stupisce per la sua abile miscela tra aspetto lussuoso, incredibile morbidezza e resistenza.

Modern rugs

SOHO - clever qualities with a contemporary and modern complexion.

Dazzling charmer

INFINITY - this rug made of fine yarn captivates with its soft feel and a markedly elegant appearance.

Chic long pile

VIVA - show your true colours and get ready for a home full of ideas!

Fascination of felt

FELT AFFAIRS - classic patterns and techniques experience a revival.

new dimension of cosiness

CHARMY - the innovative high-tech material ensures more than just an exceptionally pleasant texture.

tappeti eseguiti a mano

Disegni semplici

SECRETS – materiali naturali creano efficaci descrizioni di fenomeni della natura.


STARDUST - If you wish to achieve for the unusual, reach for the stars.

Artful combinations

THE RED THREAD COLLECTION - unique in its artful combination of patterns, colors and techniques.

Abstract designs

CHARACTERS STRUCTURES - fragments and lines are grouped into multilayer textures and patches of colour.

Creative treasures

CHARACTERS ARTISTS - the creations are works of art in textile form that turn the rug into a canvas.

Timeless home decor

CHARACTERS ORNAMENTS - artfully interwoven ornamentation tell of faraway cultures.

Natural beauties

CHARACTERS BOTANICS - blossoms, leaves and delicate branches breathe life into the rug.

Geometric accessories

CHARACTERS GRAPHICS - from sketch-like graphics emerge accomplished works of art.

Scottish patterns

CHARACTERS TARTANS - unusual rugs translate the plaids of the Scottish clans.

Fascinating striped rugs

SPOTLINE - fascinating stripe designs offer countless new decorating possibilities.

Captivating colours

LANA COLOR - an irresistible colour palette and premium quality pure new wool from New Zealand.

Flattering viscose

COSMO - impressive and unique surfaces with exquisite brilliant effects.

Design Floor · LVT

DESIGN FLOOR LVT con decorazioni in legno

WOOD – la poliedrica gamma di prodotti comprende oltre 50 arredi fedelmente riprodotti in molte nuances diverse.

DESIGN FLOOR LVT con decorazioni in

STONE – le decorazioni in pietra sono la scelta perfetta da utilizzare per il bagno o la cucina.

Installazione con sistema Click

CLICK – ovunque la pavimentazione originale debba rimanere intatta o ovunque sia richiesta la massima flessibilità.