CHENNAI is a textile treasure that belongs to the group of crewels. Crewels are textiles of a very special kind, which have their roots in Indian cashmere. Traditional hand embroidery with natural colours is typical of the Far East, reflecting an ancient Asian sense of forms. The decoration fabric CHENNAI fascinates with a finely worked out floral embroidery in fresh colourways and with a unique character.

Détails de produits

Article: CHENNAI
Numéro: 9-7376-060
Variations de coloris: 6
Qualité: Tissu de décoration, À broderie, Armure sergée
Matière: comp. du support: 100% lin, Broderie: 100% coton
Indications: T d i Z 5
Longueur: 145 cm/57"  P
Longueur du raccord: 85 cm/33"
Design: Floral, À larges motifs