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Modern Chic

Contemporary elegance

The neo-classical painter Anselm Feuerbach said that style is the deliberate omission of the unessential. With MODERN CHIC JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics launches a very elegant collection that deliberately dispenses with spectacular effects, featuring sophisticated restraint and pursuing an emphatically understated line that thrills with fine designs and a luxurious feel.

No matter whether velvety soft and chenille, or smooth with a precious gloss – the eight upholstery fabrics of MODERN CHIC transform seating furniture of any shape and dimension into must-haves of timeless beauty. The exquisite aesthetics of the articles are underscored by a restrained yet very sophisticated colour palette. As well as the combinations blue/black, black/brass, red/grey and grey/rosy-pink the five colour worlds also include a variation in subtly nuanced aqua tones.

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