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All about white

Great delight in white

Alabaster, champagne, eggshell, ivory, chalk, pearl, cream – the innocent white theme has surprisingly different facets. In order to ensure that lovers of purist interiors always find the perfect hue, JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics has given the “non-colour” white an exciting new collection: ALL ABOUT WHITE, a thrilling compendium of most beautiful decoration fabrics and voiles.

No matter whether floral or graphic, elegant or casual, worked as a precious jacquard or as an  embroidered voile – each of the 47 articles from ALL ABOUT WHITE is a true character. The carefully selected qualities depict the whole spectrum of textile interior design and present the classic white colour in a distinctly fresh and modern look. The finely nuanced white range of the collection has been extended by a number of light grey and silver shades, providing even more scope.

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