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Josef Anstoetz writes the first chapter of the company history. Under the name JAB – the abbreviation for Josef Anstoetz Bielefeld – the merchant utilises his affinity for textiles and in 1946 opens a wholesale company for decoration and upholstery fabrics . After just three years the business is so successful that the rented premises in the "Spinnerei Vorwärts" have become too small. To enable further expansion the company moves to Rohrteichstraße 35a.



Business gets going. As a special service for the growing clientèle the first four bound pattern books are published in 1951. In the same year Heinz Anstoetz, the nephew of the company's founder, begins his career with JAB. The year 1955 is overshadowed by the sudden death of Josef Anstoetz. As his successor, Heinz Anstoetz takes over the management of the flourishing company, which in the meanwhile employs 28 staff. It is only a year later that the new boss extends the spectrum of JAB to include upholstered furniture and founds the upholstered furniture factory BW Bielefelder Werkstätten. In 1959 the foundation stone is laid for a new building in Bielefeld-Oldentrup. Potsdamer Straße 160 becomes the new headquarters of JAB. The first showrooms are opened in Germany.



In 1961 the focus is on the systematic development of the export market. The high-class home textiles and upholstered furniture of JAB also arouse great interest beyond the German borders. In 1965 the number of staff increases to 157, having more than quintupled within only half a decade. In 1968 the first foreign subsidiary of JAB is opened – Société des Créations JAB with showrooms in Paris and Lyon. A year later JAB Dekorationen is created. The new production department of the textile editor supports contract furnishers with the manufacture of high-class decorations and upholstery works.



In 1971 the first EDP installation UNIVAC is put into operation - the start of the computer age at JAB. The founding of the Italian subsidiary Società Creazioni JAB in Milan and Rome in the year 1973 boosts the foreign business of the company. A year later JAB Teppiche is founded, a carpet editor for textile floor coverings with their own artistic hand-made manufacture. The number of staff increases to 507. In 1977 the new building for BW Bielefelder Werkstätten at Potsdamer Straße 180 is completed. With the opening of JAB International Furnishings in 1979 the family business establishes itself in the British interior market. In the same year the charitable Matthias Anstoetz Foundation is founded.



In 1981 Heinz Anstoetz purchases a hotel in Winterberg-Altastenberg in the Sauerland. For the extensive refurbishment, which takes about a year, the creative company boss exclusively uses products from his own portfolio. With the "Berghotel Astenkrone“ he thus creates an opportunity to personally experience the JAB worlds of living. In 1985 his son Ralph starts his career with the company. Three years later Ralph's brother Claus joins the company, which now employs 935 staff. Further highlights of this decade are the founding of JAB JOSEF ANSTOETZ AG in Zurich (in 1983) and the creation of the contract department (1987).



The nineties start with a double founding: JAB ANSTOETZ opens subsidiaries in Belgium and Spain. In 1991 Stephan, the third son of Heinz Anstoetz, also joins the company. Two years later the to-date largest extension to the company buildings is completed. In 1994 the company extends the group by taking a majority holding in Carpet Concept Objekt-Teppichboden GmbH. In the middle of the decade the number of staff reaches 1,010. In 1996 Heinz Anstoetz celebrates his 50th company anniversary and then retires from operational business life. After his death in 1998 the company is renamed JOSEF ANSTOETZ KG. In the same year JAB ANSTOETZ Netherlands is opened.

THE 2000s


The start of the new millennium is marked by two newcomers: holdings are taken in the Dutch fabrics house Chivasso and the traditional company Sahco-Hesslein, which are thus brought into the group. JAB ANSTOETZ Warsaw is founded as the first subsidiary in Eastern Europe. From 2004 the design curtain track system Metropolitan enlarges the multifaceted product range. The acquisition of the Thüringer Teppichfabrik Münchenbernsdorf strengthens the segment of flooring. In 2005 JAB takes over the brand Gardisette. Shortly after the company's 60th anniversary, which is celebrated by around 1,300 staff worldwide, the seating furniture manufacturer Interprofil is taken over in 2006. In the following year JAB ANSTOETZ takes over the brand Johannes Wellmann and relaunches it under the name Soleil Bleu. In 2009 the company presents their first Hemisphere panel collection and founds another subsidiary, JAB Hungary.



The JAB Anstoetz family is growing. With the integration of the golf expert Golf House, the ADRAMAQ design planks and the international distribution brand JAB Anstoetz Furniture, JAB Anstoetz Group continuously increases its competence in the field of exclusive interior design. With the plissé blind collection Skyline and the roller blind collection meridian the product range is enlarged by two further attractive assets. With the opening of the House of JAB Anstoetz in Moscow, the JAB Anstoetz Singapore Pte. Ltd. and the new showrooms in Milan and Shanghai, more proximity is offered to customers. At the premises in Bielefeld the new flagship showroom is presented with a completely new look and right in front of it, the new Golf House branch offers anything a golf lover can wish for. The Marketplace curtain configurator and the new magazine Rendez-Vous are introduced as efficient marketing tools.


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